The Balenciaga shoes have never disappointed everyone. Today we are going to talk about this retro-designed "neon" shoe. This shoe looks very high in value and is given across the screen. The feeling of being very advanced, many girls like it very much, and the design is also very idea.

The shoes adopt the trendy “Daddy shoes” design this year, the color of the shoes is very fresh, and the upper feet are also very beautiful. This shoe, which is called “neon” by everyone, is also for a reason. The two points are that the design of the LED lamp is added, which seems to be a very personal trend.

And through the control of LED lights, it can change a variety of colors. It looks more than a fashionable shoe, but more like a "neon", and the shape of the shoe is also popular with many young people. White and It is mainly gray, with an orange design, which is very eye-catching.

The combination of these colors makes this shoe look very comic. This pair of shoes is on the feet. If you don't look carefully, it is exactly like a pair of shoes that came out of the comics. It is no wonder that many young ladies are very Like, how can such a design not make people like it, and the price is very versatile and affordable, it is worth starting!

The "Neon" shoes of Balenciaga are here! Retro design is very eye-catching, LED design leads the trend!