Vixole, a startup company in New York, is developing a smart sports shoe. This shoe is equipped with an LED display on the rear, and a sensor with positioning and other functions hidden under the screen. Can display any pattern text, whether it is a personal pattern, brand logo or mood icon can be switched at will. This smart sneaker is waterproof, and people can charge it through a wireless charging device with a battery life of 8 hours.

Hidden behind the Vixole Matrix is ​​a 22ppi pixel density flexible screen. Although the resolution is not high, there is no problem with displaying text and simple groups, and the dot matrix effect is also a little Lego style. The patterns displayed on the Vixole Matrix screen can be replaced through the mobile app, so that the shoes display a variety of interesting patterns, even dynamic effects, that is the most cool. 

In addition, Vixole Matrix has also innovated the form of pattern display. Through the built-in GPS, motion sensor and other five sensors, the pattern can be moved with footsteps, or display different patterns according to GPS geographic location, and even play AR games with feet , And even interact with Pok mon Go games. 

The display screen is a relatively fragile part. In order to ensure daily wear and bending, Vixole Matrix uses a thermoplastic polymer (TPU) as a raw material to ensure the wear resistance and flexibility of the shoe body. 

Vixole Matrix is ​​a very interesting pair of smart shoes. It has already launched a crowdfunding in Indiegogo for $ 300. If everything goes well, it will be shipped in June next year.